It's apparently been almost to the day ten years since I updated this website! In the meantime, I have mostly been translating books to Swedish.I have also been documenting art shows, and I'm continuously making photographic art, though I'm not showing much of it theese days. Some can be seen on my Instagram, @themlobsters, along with a lot of foster kittens.


During the upcoming week, I will work on an art project with the people at Skup Palet in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can follow the production here: Your mentality is alert, practical and analytical.


I will show a small part of my 2007 installation piece Por las calles va Rebeca at Hart Studios in Brooklyn on Saturday, July 30.


One of the images from the series drifting across, walking through words is for sale in the Daniel Cooney Fine Art Emerging Artists Auction! Maybe you know someone who'd like to buy a photograph of a nice white horse?


I added a new photo series to the website, or an old one, actually; Seven lone, Polish dogs. This is a small project from a road trip through Poland in 2004. The images are simple snapshots, sometimes out of focus or obscured by foreground objects, but they've kind of stayed with me, and for some reason I really like them.


I finally redisigned my website! Since it's had the same look since I first created it, in the beginning of 2008, I felt it was time for an update. It is now CSS-based, which will hopefully work out fine in most browsers. Please let me know if anything looks weird!


I was accepted to a group show at the Pleiades Gallery here in NYC, with the piece Where these lines cross. The show opens July 15; more info to follow.


One of the photos from my new series, Where these lines cross, will be shown at the juried OIA exhibition Aspects of the City at New York Law School May 24-June 25. The artists' reception is June 3, 6:15 - 8 pm.


I added a new feature to the website: work in progress. (2010-06-30: not included after I updated the website.) Here, I will post examples of what I'm working on at the moment. Right now I'm in the middle of a photography project with the working title Where these lines cross.


I will be one of the artists featured in the One Hour Photo show at the American University Museum, Washington DC, May 8 - June 6. One work from each artist will be projected for one hour each, never to be seen again. If you happen to be in DC May 23, come by between 2-3 pm and take a look! I probably won't be there, but my artwork will.


I added a new set of works to the website: drifting across, walking through words.


It's been quite a while since my last update, but hopefully there will be more activity on this website from now on. During the past year, I have mostly been working on translation assignments, and I recently started my own business as a children's photographer! Here is a link to that website: Vesterlund Photography.


Added a new photography project to the website: and then she turns her head.


It took a little while, but I finally added some pictures from the installation I'm showing at the exhibition There is no place like away at HFF in Gothenburg; Walk With Me.


My large painting from the installation (fetal horses, for example, may gallop in the womb) was accepted to the regional exhibition Skaraborgssalongen at Skövde Art Hall. The opening is December 6.


The opening of There is no place like away apparently went well. My contribution has the title Walk With Me, and the exhibition will stay up until some time next spring. I will display photos of it here shortly.


I figured out how to put a tiny icon with some trees up at the beginning of the web browser address field. See?


I will be one of the artists exhibited in the show There is no place like away, at HFF School of Photography in Gothenburg, opening October 30.


Another project added; This is Another Country, from 2007.


Added another project to the site; Por las calles va Rebeca, a sound-based installation from 2007.


Finally updating again after quite some time. So far only a couple of changes to my CV, one of them being the main reason not much has happened to this site in a while; I moved to New York! And I got married! I've lived here for about a month and a half now, and so far everything is great! Lots of exclamation marks!


The opening of the Copenhagen exhibition last Friday apparently went well. You can see how my little trees in their windows looked here; at Signe Vad's site.


I will have a quite small exhibition at Signe Vad's gallery in Copenhagen, starting Friday
(August 15) and continuing until September 12. It's called there used to be trees; you used to climb them. I won't have time to be there myself, but please come by and take a look if you happen to be in this great Danish city!


I haven't updated in quite a while, but obviously the exhibition in Stockholm is over. Another thing that's happened since; I got a grant, from Helge Ax:son Johnson's Stiftelse. Yay!


The opening went well, lots of people came and most of them seemed happy with what they saw. Did you miss it? You still have plenty of time, the exhibition continues until June 15: Intermonde!


Next Saturday (May 31) a different version of our Master's degree graduation exhibition will open, in Stockholm. This time it's called Intermonde, and will be exhibited at CFF Center for Photography. The opening starts at 2 pm Saturday 31/5. Everyone's invited!


I've added a page for news onto the site, where I will post relevant news about my work and life in general, and keep track of changes made to the site itself. Obviously, this is my first newspost here.